56 Most Useless Websites On The Internet In 2018

In the piece below we outline the most useless websites on the internet. Yes, useless sites!

How do you even define a useless website? If you can describe what a website is about, would it still be a pointless website?

These are some of the answers we got when we asked some of these website owners what the point of creating these weird internet sites was.

One thing I agree with though is that nothing is entirely useless. For example, these weird websites are fun to visit when you are bored or looking for fun things to do online.


List of Weird, Pointless and Useless Websites

List of useless websites

Here is a list of the most useless websites on the internet. This list has been updated to remove sites that are no longer functioning. Have fun exploring these useless websites.

1. mostexclusivewebsite.com

a screenshot of mostexclusivewebsite.com

In this useless website, only one user remains in a go. It only accommodates one person. Are you curious? Try it out.

2. theworldsworstwebsiteever.com

worst website ever

This website lives up to its name as the world’s worst website; it’s a dreadful site. It incorporates a bad design that can scare you.

3. you.regettingold.com

weird websites

This is website gives a detailed, interesting report relating to your birthday. You just have to key in your date, click ok and observe the magic.

4. ismycomputeron.com

useless webpages

Imagine having to check if your computer is on through a website? Why imagine when there is a website that will check if your computer is on.

5. pleaselike.com

please like website

For many Facebook lovers. This is a pointless site. In this site, it speculates secure request of likes from your followers.

6. heeeeeeeey.com

creative websites

There is a thin line before genius and insanity and this website just stands right on the line. This website redirects you back and forth between two websites – http://heeeeeeeey.com and http://hooooooooo.com, this effect plays a cool historic music track you might be familiar with.

7. tencents.info

weird websites

This weird website shows a picture of the ten cents coin and nothing else. Seriously, that is all the site displays.

8. watching-grass-grow.com

watching grass grow

In this site, you are supposed to watch grass grow as you listen to some music. It helps a lot to revive one’s mood.

9. iamawesome.com

weird websites

This helps boost your morale. By reminding you how awesome you are. Can’t argue with the truth, can we?

10. thatsthefinger.com

insulting websites

If you live in a busy town, you should get the finger at least once a day. This website offers you an additional one, just in case you haven’t had enough.

11. omfgdogs.com

boring websites

The central questions are whether you are behind dogs or are they behind you. This question alone forms the useless level of the website.

12. staggeringbeauty.com

useless websites

This website is the perfect definition of useless. Simply shake your cursor to see the changes. Warning, it contains flash images.

13. purple.com

purple website

Involves the purple color. It helps rejuvenate purple color lovers. It gives details on the purple color.

14. fallingfalling.com

useless websites

In the website, everything seems to fall. You are tagged with the responsibility to save them. This is indeed baseless.

15. thebestdinosaur.com

best dinosaur

A website about dinosaurs might be useless, but a website about a static image of dinosaurs is definitely useless.

16. donothingfor2minutes.com

do nothing for 2 minutes

Just as speculated in its name, this weird website wants you to do nothing for two minutes.

17. sanger.dk

useless websites

I might be spoiling it but this website is about an image of a dog. Hope you still have fun.

18. trypap.com

passive agressive password machine

This site is a password discoverer. It helps you find your passwords. Most of the hacked passwords are used to make puzzles.

19. rrrgggbbb.com


This website enables you to view the Red Green and Blue Color when you click on each letter.

20. koalastothemax.com

This is a simple game of circles and if you are feeling bored, at least you can get some fun from it.

21. partridgegetslucky.com

Talk about weird, Patridgegetslucky wants you to follow the steps as you cling on to your imaginary guitar. Music lovers might find this exciting.

22. zombo.com


Zombocom is a weird website with a voice that continually welcomes you to Zombocom. Check it out.

23. yyyyyyy.info

pointless websites online

If you can tell me what this website is about, I will bow. This just seems like the perfect example of how not to build a website.

24. fallingguy.com

falling guy

In this site, you can use your mouse to save the falling guy. That is all the website is about.

25. cant-not-tweet-this.com

creative websites

The concept of this website is to show you that you have no choice but to tweet. Open it and find out for yourself.

26. grandpanoclothes.com


In this weird and a bit creepy site, you can see a grandpa without clothes on. Don’t worry, you won’t see an actual person or something you can’t unsee.

27. r33b.net


In this weird website, you discover the eyes of a Hypno-toad. Just annoying sound and a toad blinking its eye.

28. republiquedesmangues.fr


This useless website includes the most annoying mango guru. This is pointless.

29. ouaismaisbon.ch

fun websites

This weird website is useless but interesting at the same time. Hover your mouse around the faces for the fun of the website.

30. ducksarethebest.com

fun websites

A duck page that involves a lot of quacking and a duck following your cursor.

31. intotime.com


You get time to dig into frames and discover secrets. You have to click on the frames to discover more frames.

32. beesbeesbees.com


As if bees aren’t annonying enough, here is another reason to hate bees. Scream louder the word. BEES

33. crouton.net


I think this is the most useless website on the internet. Go ahead and see for yourself.

34. muchbetterthanthis.com


A website that figured a way to make kissing unexciting and creepy. Congrats!

35. ninjaflex.com

pointless websites

A website that has a recorded ninja flex voice and a suitable gif to fit the voice.

36. ihasabucket.com

useless websites

Another strong contender for the most useless website ever. I Has a Bucket has the above image on the static website and that is it. Nothing else.

37. sillytwitterbio.com

silly twitter bios

The site generates a stupid twitter bio. This is just for amusement. Most of us result to Facebook and Twitter when we are bored. These websites are also way too interesting to kill time. Almost any internet user, must have come across this sites. Make a click on the sites, and you will transform your online entertainment.

38. Imaninja.net

funny websites

A static website with the above image of a ninja.

39. pixelsfighting.com

pointless websites

Just as the name suggests, it is an animated fight between pixels.

40. corndogoncorndog.com

pointless websites

As the name suggests, the site comprises of one corn dog on another. Did I mention, there is music to keep you entertained while you watch an image of corn dorg on corn dog. How thoughtful!

41. salmonofcapistrano.com


In this site, you can use your cursor on moving salmon around the screen while music is playing in the background.

42. corgiorgy.com


Dogs are fun and this website has a dog that moves from one end to the other end. In fairness, the music is really catchy.

43. electricboogiewoogie.com


If you ever get streesed and you just need something to stare at while your life passes right in front of you, then you might want to visit this website.

44. whitetrash.nl

Creativity and art are promoted to some higher level. This website contains images of white trash.

45. patience-is-a-virtue.org

patience is a virtue

A pointless website that aims to get you doing nothing but learning how to patiently sit while life passes by.

46. Trashloop.com

trash can loop

If you have OCD or you are like me and you like hate having trash lying around, this website was set up to annoy you.

47. baconsizzling.com

bacon sizzling

A useless site where you can watch bacon sizzle. It can be therapeutic if you are bored and don’t have anything doing.

48. leekspin.com


The site is a puzzle. It is something that is challenging to understand.

49. dogs.are.the.most.moe

dogs are the most

This site is best fit to pass the time. You can Roll and rock at your pleasure.

50. burymewithmymoney.com

bury me with my money

This is just a fun filled site. That spells the statement out, bury me with my money.

51. PointerPointer.com

pointer pointer

In this site, you get someone pointing at the cursor of your computer. This is rather useless, isn’t it?

52. FallingFalling.com

useless websites

From this website, you get the falling experience both visually and auditory. Headphones are used in the process.

53. Staggering Beauty

useless websites

You just need to play with the mouse and watch the light movement on the monitor. This is pointless indeed.

54. The Nicest Place On The Internet

nicest place on the internet

This site makes everything seem okay. You get soft music and some hugs and smiles from people who assures you that all will be well.

55. Make-everything-OK

make everything ok

After viewing how old you are from the former site, it may result depressing. Do you wish to get away with the stress? This useless site got you covered. You require to press a button, and all your weight will be gone.

56. movenowthinklater.com


This is a site involving circular and square puzzles. Just to excite your eyes.

There you go, these are the most useless websites of the year. You can share these weird websites with friends and if you think useless or weird is easy, try building a more useless website than these ones. Shouldn’t be too hard, I guess.

12 thoughts on “56 Most Useless Websites On The Internet In 2018”

  1. Best list ever! Had me laughing all morning)
    Thanks for making it! really.
    People have come up with crazy ideas with these sites.
    I didn’t realise I had spent over an hour just checking these links out. Nice job on these really weird collections.

  2. funny!
    however one of these (staggering beauty?) is on the list twice
    also funny that several websites in this list were made by artist rafael rozendaal,
    i like what he makes! my favorite website of his must be probably papertoilet.com.

  3. Hi there! This post was awesome. My website ninjascuttingonions.com also scores very high on the uselessness index. Would be awesome if you could check it out.


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