50 Top Most Creative Business Names

Today, there are some very creative and innovative company names that grace our daily lives. From electronics and social media to Search Engines and much, much more; they have been created for entertainment, personal, and professional purposes. Listed below you will find 50 of the Most well-known and top-notch business names that far surpass anything that anyone could have ever imagined to happen to our world as we know it be now than what knew it was only 10 or 20 years ago.

Top Most Creative Business Names

The Names

1.       Apple
2.       Facebook
3.       Google
4.       Amazon
5.       Square
6.       Twitter
7.       Occupy Movement
8.       Tencent
9.       Life Technologies
10.   Solarcity
11.   HBO
12.   Southern New Hampshire University
13.   Tesla Motors
14.   Patagonia
15.   NFL
16.   National Marrow Donor Program
17.   Greenbox
18.   Jawbone
19.   Airbnb
20.   72andsunn
21.   Siemens AG
22.   Dropbox
23.   Kiva Systems
24.   Starbucks
25.   Genentech
26.   Legalzoom
27.   Tapjoy
28.   Ployvore
29.   Red Bull Media House
30.   Linedin
31.   Liquid Robotics
32.   Gogo
33.   Bug Agentes Biologicos
34.   Chipotle
35.   James Corner Field Operations
36.   Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals
37.   Recyclebank
38.   UPS
39.   Networked Insights
40.   Chobani
41.   Kickstarter
42.   Soundcloud
43.   Paypal
44.   Berg
45.   Boo-Box
46.   Amyris
47.   Knewton
48.   Redbus
49.   Opensky
50.   Y Combinator

They Changed The World

Each and one of the words listed above have changed the world as it once was in one form or another. They inspire us to be creative, they inspire us to think out of the box, they inspire us to believe in ourselves and what a belief can do and achieve if you are firm.They have brought people together, created new lives, allowed for people to make their own life better, and above all they were created by those that wanted to make a difference in the world that desired to see most.

Some of the creators of these names, started out from absolutely nothing but an idea; leaving it to be a dream that may or may not have been seen today if it was not for, their hard work and determination. Everywhere we look, we are reminded of these businesses and use them to their fullest capacity and beyond what could have ever been realized when the idea was born in the mind of their creators.

Creators like Steve Jobs who wanted to push the possibilities of technology to its brink and then push it that much further with the devices and software that we use today.

Cutting The Path

Each one of these names cut the path that we are on today by doing things differently. With each of these names, people are finding new ways to create their own business name and launch the ideas that the name has been founded upon. As they did days before and continue to do days after, you can do.

It all starts with an idea and a name that will be the mascot that may rule hearts of millions across the world. Your idea can be the next big idea that makes a change in the world that we see now but first you must cut your own path to find the same path that has been forged for the future of business and the names that are waiting to become much more than just an idea.

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  1. Some of them are great brand names but Apple? Apple is a great brand now but it wasn’t a creative company brand.. it was named after a fruit.. whats original and creative about that?

  2. Great article. Although these are very renowned brands I came across this company recently called iCudB.com its pronounced I Could Be and stands for International Colleges & Universities Data Base.
    Loved the name.Its a new startup but nonetheless thought of sharing it.


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