Top 5 Best Rap Freestylers



top 5 best freestyle rappers

I would like to start from the 5th person on my list of top 5 best freestyle rappers. This is not because he’s not good at coming up with great bars impromptu but he’s just going to have to settle for 5th position, he’s name Is “Astro“.
The master mind Act Astro has released two mixtapes now: “Deadbeats and Lazy lyrics” and the one he recently released was “Starvin like Mavin for a Cool J song”.


top 5 best freestyle rappers

My Fourth Act on the List is J. COLE who is known for the release of his album Born Sinner, which had over 1,000.000 Hits the Night it was leaked/Released. J. Cole is on my Top 5 and Takes the 4th position because he raps through what flows from his mind and raps from his sole, J. Cole is a very good rapper, he’s songs could get you from being sad to being Happy.


top 5 best freestyle rappers

My Third Act, My Third Act, My Third Act, I said that thrice because he is someone that was brought up from the hood and has been in the game before he signed a record deal with MMG [Maybach Music Group], he also owns his own Record label called Dream chasers and he also Released a Mixtape called “DreamChasers 3”, what a mixtape it Is said to be and it is for real, which features every Artist Signed to his Record Label, You should know his name, His name is MEEK MILL.


top 5 best freestyle rappers

My Second Artist on this list Is said to be EMINEM, a family man to be precise, a Grammy winner, an Mtv base best Rapper winner, and lots to be heard about his success, Eminem has released so many Albums and is planning on Releasing one soon, he has been in this Rap history for a long time, rolling all around with Dr. Dre, going for shows, acting Movies also, the act is one of the best freestylers in the world but doesn’t qualify to be my First.


top 5 best freestyle rappers

My one and Only first is LATE, he died when he was 18, not quite long ago, early this year to be precise, he released a Mixtape called R.N.I.C, the young talented rapper/Freestyler was from Louisiana , he had Freestyles on which he had posted on YouTube during Meek Mill’s tours.

He was definitely signed for a reason, and I feel that reason was because of his talent, Young 18-year-old hustler of the Rap Game was Murdered in his Hood where his Mum and Brother lived, His name is LIL SNUPE, R.I.P LIL SNUPE.

That’s my Top 5 Best Rap Freestylers, let me know who’s your’s.

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  1. This is good but I think meek is two and eminent three and rip my lil n*gga snupe he was the undisputed freestyle king. Rip homie

  2. This is terrible, the writer has no idea what a freestyle rapper is loool Astro ?
    J Cole? GTFOH with these commercial industry rappers…you need to take in hip hop as a whole..not just whos on mtv and even talk about record sales which has nothing to do with being a dope freestyler. All these dudes spit album or mix-tape material..even lil snupe R.I.P

    Watch and learn

    1. Supernatural
    2. King Los
    3. Eminem based of freestyling
    4. Charles Hamilton
    5. Black Thought or Commkn

    Guys who go off the too and dont spit album or mixtape bars

  3. “Trueno” is from Argentina and did a freestyle in which he beat eminem and canserbero in visits. if you are interested in the video it is called “bzrp freestyle session trueno”

  4. It’s 2021 now and the freestyle GOAT would be Harry Mack. Eminems flow is ridiculous but I doubt he can weave the random words and stories like Harry can.

  5. Harry Mack is the greatest freestyler of all time. Literally not even close. That man is better at rapping than Jordan was at basketball. Watch one of his videos and you’ll see nobody touches him.


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